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    "E-MAC ", was born Emmanuel Adkins in Atlanta, Georgia. He had been through so many struggles of life after being born in a hood called Cleveland Avenue. He loved poetry and could sing and rap so he decided to put his ideas and life stories in songs which came out to be outstanding melodies.


Another aspect of his music life is that he can dance very well. As he grows he is accomplishing good music in many genres such as rap, club, pop, and r&b. His hooks and songs are very catchy and attention grabbing.


E-MAC started out rapping and singing at the age of 14 writing lyrics to local producers beats about all types of creative situations.


E-MAC has been improving his skills as he gets older. He is building a quick fan base through the internet through twitter and facebook. He was also nominated in the 2011 Atlanta Underground Music Awards and came in second place in his voting panel.


E-MAC combines his singing with his sex appeal and dance moves to make a brilliant combo with his songs. He is heavily influenced by Chris Brown and other Hot Singers in the industry but he has his own sound.


E-MAC has performed at local venues and clubs which has helped get his name out in the city. Using social networking sites has helped with online and distributing records. He has built up a fan base to start with no outside help and has decided to branch out with his music globally by signing with Bunks 2 Billions, Ent.; where he is now focused on sharpening his attributes and making it to the next level.


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