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Bunks 2 Billions, established in 2015 by Desmond Jones (CEO), is a Full Service Management, Music Consulting, and Artist Development company dedicated to guiding the careers of aspiring artists of all genres including Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop.

With over 8 years of experience our staff of seasoned music industry professionals works with an array of clientele consisting of artists, managers, producers, and indie label owners from around the country, providing them with knowledge and expertise that will put them on a path to realizing their music career goals.

In addition to music consulting and management, Bunks 2 Billions is positioned to offer a number of additional resources including Production, Project Management, Graphic Design and Art Direction.

From humble beginnings to making a name for itself in the competitive music industry; and with an emerging clothing line in the making, Bunks 2 Billions is focused on success and striving to build an entertainment & fashion powerhouse for our artist and the world. 

Our Purpose


Bunks 2 Billions' purpose is to promote, cultivate, develop, and manage talent in the music and entertainment industries.


Our Mission


Our mission at Bunks 2 Billions' is to offer the best professional services in the music and entertainment industry by encouraging hope and bringing ideas to life.  We strive to develop leaders and trendsetters throughout the entertainment industry and beyond.

Our Motto

At Bunks 2 Billions' our motto is simple;

"It doesn’t matter if you come from a college bunk, homeless shelter bunk, military bunk or even a prison bunk; don’t let nothing define your destiny. If you have an idea it can be brought to life. Just don’t give up. Bunks 2 Billions is not all about the money, it shows that a bunk is low and billions is high. It’s showing that you can come from a lower point in life and make it to a higher standard. The thing is, is not to give up."


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