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Edward A Wright


born (July 21, 1978), who uses the name Eddie or Ed, who is an Director of photography / Camera operator.


He is a leader & has worked his way up from the bottom to the top.


He embarked on his career in 2003, under an independent company, 3Ball Productions, who later went on to produce major shows like, For Love Or Money, Biggest Loser, Beauty & The Geek, Gifted, which featured on VH1 & NBC.


A few years later Eddie went freelance, and other opportunities came that privileged him to work with stars that include, Janet Jackson, Tank, Motley Crue, just to name a few.


He also worked with shows that include Keyshia Cole, All Inn, Million Dollar Listing, Badgirls Club, and Dance Moms;  which lead him to an Emmy nomination of this year in 2015.


Edward A Wright

Head of Production


Raymond "RayBeatz" Douglas



"RayBeatz" Douglas




Shernia Jones

(Owner of Sweet N' Sassy Graphicz)

Head of Graphics

    Shernia Jones


born in the summer of 1984,  Shernia was always deemed as a "Go Getter";  from the time she came into the world "with her eyes wide open, she was ready to take off", as her mother always would say.


Shernia always knew that she was far from mediocre.

She always had the desire to succeed and achieve her dreams since she was a little girl.


Growing up in the small town of Gainesville Georgia, she knew that she could not just be "average" in order to live the life that she desired.  She is a Registered Nurse by profession, but also a Graphic Designer, blogger, and budding Internet Marketer...who LOVES nothing more than to help and see other people succeed and change their lives for the better.


She successfully put herself through nursing school & dabbled in design work on the side for family and friends until other opportunities came along that privileged her to work side-by-side with different businesses through marketing and promotion; until in 2013 she decided to embark on the journey of following her passion as an entrepreneur and started her own Graphic Design business...Sweet N' Sassy Graphicz using skills that were self taught.


In late 2014, Shernia, took on Bunks 2 Billions as a client and worked on several projects for the company. And after much consideration and discussion of business branding and her ultimate vision, Shernia decided to partner her business, Sweet N' Sassy Graphicz with Bunks 2 Billions to expand and showcase her graphic design business.




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