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Desmond "Quabil" Jones

Chief Executive Officer



Desmond Jones, Born Jan 3, 1976, who is also known as Quabil, started his career in the rap group known as the 240 Boys, but ultimately developed his music background from being involved in church; where his grandmother was a Pastor, as well as all of his uncles being musicians.


In 1997, Desmond had his first taste of the professional music industry, when his friend, DJ Taz made a hit record that went worldwide, That’s Right. From then on, Desmond was blessed with opportunities to meet and network with some of the top industry music makers, which include: 8 Ball & MJG, Bun B, Tyrese, Outkast & George Clinton.


Desmond was also privileged to have some hands-on education and experience from managing, producing, and promoting; which enlightened him of the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of the music and entertainment industry.


From that experience, childhood friend’s Mike “Fat Mike” Morris and Kareem Harris, influenced Desmond to become his own solo artist and pursue his own rap career based off of his talents. During his rap career, he wrote and recorded many songs, for himself as well as numerous other artists. However after learning the logistics of the music industry and realizing how it all actually operates; he knew what would make a better situation for himself, as well as other artists around him.


Desmond then transitioned into his new role as being CEO of Bunks 2 Billions, LLC, where he is responsible for creating value for all stakeholders, through the management of the company’s key functions, which include Artist and Entertainment management. Desmond also serves as a director and spokesperson for his company; where he is always being constantly involved in all aspects of the company’s business. He is very hands-on with the management of all talent on the company’s roster.


Desmond has over 12 years in business and information of the music industry and over 8 years in working in entertainment related projects; as well as being coached by some of the industry’s most aggressive, talented industry individuals. Desmond also has a passion for the entertainment industry; a zeal to help individuals be their BEST, is the driving force that enables him to work so hard.


He has also served as an independent consultant for many businesses.


Desmond is actively involved with giving back to his community. He dedicates his time to being an asset to his community by uplifting and bringing hope to his community and those around him.


Desmond also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading, traveling, and mentoring others.


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