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TrapBoy $P was born in Athens, GA. He spent his childhood in the poverty stricken slums of Bethel Church Homes.


$P's upbringing & environment influences his music. Raised by his mother who worked & hustled until she became an addict, he eventually moved in with his grandmother who ran liquor & a gambling house.


An honor roll student turnt hustler turnt rapper, $P honed his skills in talent shows & ciphers throughout his city.


After serving 7 years n prison, $P returned home & started Hickman Media LLC. Under Hickman's umbrella, the record label TrapBoy $tatus was birth.


Through a mutual friend, $P linked up with Leek Da Prince, with their love for music & their adapt mode for business, the two formed a strong bond, eventually teaming up with Bunks 2 Billions Ent.


$P is currently working on his next mixtape "An 8Ball & A Dream" & gearing up for a phenomenal year...


Be on the look out for this up & coming artist. He's on the rise, & the streets are definitely watching.


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