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The city of Atlanta was first introduced to Richhomie Milli on January 15,1990 (then only recognized as Deandre Montez Evans).


Brought up in a single parenting home of 2, he was forced to grow up faster than most which caused several run ins with the law but through it all he maintained love for the only 3 things he ever believed in (God, his family and music)


At the age of 14 he recieved his first music deal with fellow group members Peso, Money Da Kid, and J-Boy. Together,they made up "Dem Icon Boyz" (D.I.B) and they held high expectations for eachother before deciding to depart ways due to personal reasons.


Afterwhich Milli continued grinding and building his name as a solo artist until linking up with another childhood friend in late 2006 who was also creating a buzz of his own on the Eastside Of Atlanta (Dequantes Lamar).


Together they formed "Rich Homies". Atlanta was a ear to a couple of their musical hits including the club banger "Its A Habit" and the street anthem "Stay Down ft SMB Chris"



Unfortunately, all was brought to an end when Rich Homie Milli loss trial and was sentenced to a short prison stay in 2009 leaving his fans, friends, and family to only think about what could've been.


[Words From Yours Truly]


"First off, if you're currently reading this then I want you to know that you are a big portion of my strength. Because of you, I'm now more humble, focused, and prepared than I've ever been. I'd be lying if I said this road has been easy to travel on but thanks to solid passengers and people willing to ride in front of me and behind me, I've been able to overcome what most fell victim to. Although I'm a day further away from old memories, I'm a day closer to the new ones. Remember with every lesson learned there's a blessing earned!"  

- Richhomie Milli 





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